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MUSGRAVE, R - Sergeant


  • Canadian Fallen Soldier - Sergeant RICHARD MUSGRAVE
  • Sergeant

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    22 September 1884
    Blackrigg, Canomie, , United Kingdom
    30 April 1915 in Calgary, Alberta, CA
    Canadian Infantry (British Columbia Regiment)
    7th Battalion (1st British Columbia), CEF
    15 August 1917
    KIA (Battle of Hill 70)
    32 years

  • Sergeant RICHARD MUSGRAVE's Story

  • Born
    22 September 1884 in Blackrigg, Canomie, , United Kingdom
    Worked as a Teamster prior to enlisting.
    30 April 1915 in Calgary, Alberta | Age: 30 years
    15 August 1917 - VIMY MEMORIAL | Age: 32 years
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Interesting Facts

  • Son of Mrs. Rebecca Musgrave of Hawick, Scotland. Brother of Jeannie (Jane) Musgrave.

    Recipient of the Military Medal (9 July 1917).

    On 15 August 1917, Sergeant Musgrave fought with the 7th Battalion during the first day of the Battle of Hill 70 near Lens, France. The 7th Battalion fought on the far left side of the 2nd Canadian Infantry Brigade. The 7th Battalion took part in the second wave of attacks between the Blue and Red Line objectives. The fight for the Red Line was difficult as the Germans held strongly to their positions. The Canadians, including the 7th Battalion , suffered heavy casualties as they fought their way forward past the Red Line to the Green Line objective. However, soon after passing the Red Line, they had to withdraw back to it since their left side was exposed. The 10th Infantry Battalion, CEF then advanced from behind the 7th Battalion to help hold the position against heavy German counterattacks. While the Green Line was successfully captured the following day, the battle continued until 25 August and cost over 10,000 Canadian casualties (killed, wounded, or missing). The 7th Battalion had over 140 men killed, 118 of whom were missing and never found. Sergeant Musgrave, age 32, was reported missing on 15 August 1917 and was presumed to have died as part of the battle. (Source)

    In 2017, human remains were found north of Lens, France. The remains were confirmed as those of Sergeant Richard Musgrave.