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Submitting a Soldier Profile

  • Submitting information to Canadian Fallen is really quite simple. Please use the form below to find the profile you wish to submit information for, and follow the simple steps to upload images/documents, changes to the information we currently have, as well as adding information that the profile currently lacks.

    As well, the link to submit information can be found on all soldier profiles just below the service information for the soldier.

    Some personal details about you will be asked in case we need to verify any of the information submitted. Canadian Fallen will not share this information, and it will be strictly used in order to add credit for images, or in case we need to contact you regarding the submission.

  • Step 1: Finding the Soldier
  • Step 2: Selecting the Soldier / Refining your Search
  • Step 3: Submitting Information / Corrections
  • Step 1: Finding the Soldier