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    1992-04-06 - 1995-12-14

  • Bosnia

    6 April 1992 to 14 December 1995

    The conflict in the Balkans began in 1991 after the dissolution and fragmentation of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. As the conflict evolved over the next decade, the international community worked to forge stability and democracy in the Balkans through the United Nations (UN) and NATO. The support of the CF has been vital to these efforts.

    Since 1992, some 40,000 Canadian military personnel have served in the Balkan region, under difficult conditions, on peace support missions designed to protect the lives of civilians and allow for stabilization and reconstruction initiatives. This contribution has not come without a price; twenty-three CF members have lost their lives while deployed in the Balkans.

    In accordance with the mandates of UN and NATO missions in the Balkan region over the years, tasks performed by the CF have included complex military operations, monitoring de-mining efforts, weapons collection and destruction, monitoring and assisting with elections, and humanitarian assistance.

    Through civil-military cooperation (CIMIC) efforts, hundreds of necessary infrastructure projects have been completed in partnership with CF soldiers, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and Bosnian communities. These critical projects, such as building rural electrical systems, reconstructing schools and repairing water wells, septic systems, bridges and roads have enabled the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina to return to their land and homes, re-establish local businesses and begin to rebuild their lives. These CIMIC projects also helped instill within the local population a sense of civic responsibility.

    In their personal time, many CF members have also volunteered to participate in community projects to improve the quality of life of the local people. In countless ways over the years, hundreds of CF members have raised and donated thousands of dollars and given their time and skills to improve the lives of the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina. From donating school supplies, toys and clothing for children to purchasing furnaces, bedding and first aid equipment for orphanages and hospitals, Canadians have made notable contributions towards improving quality of life for the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina.